Why choose 525

Here, in 525 HandMade Wheelchairs, we are making wheelchairs having a main goal: that our product will last forever. This is really hard to achieve but we are making things on this direction. Let’s see some of these things that we do during the production.

  • We use the finest aluminum for our frames.
  • The welding procedure of the frame is made with care and responsibility. After every weld we test the welding for its strength. The frames are being weld from technicians that check every single weld and make sure that it will last for years. Having the surface cleaned extremely well is one of the things that makes a weld really good. If it is not well cleaned, then the weld will have porosity and it will crack in some time.
  • Every single piece, except wheels and brakes, is made from our production. That means we check every little thing on the wheelchair and we can be sure for that. This is also an advantage because we can make  a spare part as exactly as you want.
  • Our production is limited. This is not because we can’t produce hundreds of wheelchairs but because we think that having limited produced wheelchairs will test them more and more and be sure it rolls as easy as it can be. Our wheelchairs are being made having a lot of eyes on them and this makes us feel secure about the quality. Also, having a limited production makes us quicker than other factories and easier to make the wheelchairs in cooperation with the users. Another reason of having a limited production is that we are very quick regarding the spare parts. It is very easy for us to make for example a push handle and send it to you straight away.



Wheelchair Rebuilt and Refurbish.

After some years the wheelchair will be fully functional and 100% safe. BUT if the use of the wheelchair is very heavy and it has marks on it then we can make it again as it was. How? We take the wheelchair into our facilities and have it 100% refurbished! We can make it seem like brand new! With much less money than a new one we can refurbish your wheelchair and make it perfect. We can keep the previous color or change it in a new one!

Also here in 525, another problem that can be solved is when the body change. This might happen if the user is a kid, if someone gets more weight or when someone loses weight. It can happen also to disabilities that are not stable like multiple sclerosis, MS. If any of the above happens then we are able to modify the wheelchair and make it 100% fuctional and safe for you. We are the only wheelchair producer that provides that kind of service and we are proud for that. Imagine how many of you have bought a second wheelchair because the one you had was the backrest long/short or because the seat was too small or too narrow or too big etc. Before we start producing wheelchairs we used to import/trade very famous brands and their main problem was that they couldn’t get modified if something of the above was happening. The answer we were getting from the factories was ‘’tell him/her that he/she buy a new one’’. NOT ANY MORE! 525 HandMade Wheelchairs can modify your wheelchair again and again, as many times is needed in order to be perfect for you.