The 525 HandMade wheelchairs facilities are based in Markopoulo, Athens, Greece and almost 10 minutes away from the national airport El. Venizelos.


Athens map.

Markopoulo is well known for it’s magnificent seaside settlement called ”Porto Rafti” which has 3 seperate bays, all of them suitable for swimming and especially the ”Agios Spiridonas” beach has the Seatrac system which helps people with disabilities go safe into the sea.


30 minutes away is located Acropolis, a magic place to see, where millions of people visit every year. Acropolis museam is spectacular and is full of ancient foundings, showing the rich history of the area. Except Acropolis and Parhenon Athens is widely known for a lot of other monuments and sightseeing.

Acropolis with the Parthenon.


City of Athens, night view.