You gotta design it. Show everyone what you intend.

Jack Hockenberry, industrial designer.

Acting with intent is what we should all do. Designing a wheelchair needs a clear intent in order to create something that will make life easier.

Our handmade wheelchairs are unique, not because we are design geniuses but because YOU tell us what you need and together we design it. So, you think, we design and together we create a never-made again handmade wheelchair that suits 100% to your body and your needs. So simple, so sure!

After the first meeting where we measure your body and we talk about your demands we create in digital format your wheelchair using a specific software. Then we send this archive to our production and the wheelchair starts to be produced. When the wheelchair is done we test it on durability and we check that it has a perfect roll. After that it is going to get the preferred colour and be ready for the user.

If you need more information you can contact us and we will reply the fastest!