Making a handmade wheelchair..

Making a wheelchair is something extra ordinary. It’s based on pure passion to create something which is unique. It’s not like making a table or building a dog house. It has that ”something” that makes it a fantastic trip, a road full of ideas and smart thoughts in order to find the perfect seat setup. When making a handmade wheelchair there are some basic guidelines that some things have to be done and for sure are followed. But there are also some key factors for the best setup that cannot be described. After 10 years of setting up custom wheelchairs we are sure our designs can meet any expectation. There are no limits on what we can make, every wheelchair is handmade for every user so there are no standard designs. Every wheelchair for us is a special project, a unique idea that takes all of our energy trying to find the best setup. Listening to your demands and adding our experience is the way we design our wheelchairs. So this is why we feel 100% sure for the result and this is why people love to use our wheelchairs!

525 HandMade Wheelchairs

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